Martin Doyle at work on the lathe

The pages in this section of the website provide descriptions, prices and information about the simple system wooden flute that are hand-crafted by Martin Doyle.

Martin uses the best hardwoods available: African Blackwood, cocus wood (no longer available), mopane, boxwood and rosewoods. Special order flutes are also made from native Irish and European timbers if available. Sterling silver is used to make ferulles, tuning slides and keys which are added if required.

Martin Doyle's philosophy is to produce a simple style of flute that is made to the highest standard and offers a sound that can be enjoyed by student, amateur and professional musicians alike. These flutes are elemental in their simplicity, yet are sought after by some of the world's finest musicians and flute teachers.

While Martin Doyle's primary focus is on wooden flutes that are used in traditional Irish music (commonly known as Irish flutes), but he also produces Baroque flutes that are based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh flute design and wooden headjoints for concert flutes. We invite you to view the pages listed in the submenu to the right to find out more about the wooden flutes that are made by Martin Doyle – flutes that have become renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone.

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Martin Doyle keyless and keyed D flutes crafted from African Blackwood.

Waiting Periods and Ordering Flutes

  • The waiting period for keyless Celtic or Traditional style flutes can be anywhere from two to six months depending on Martin's workload.
  • Keyed flutes should be ordered two years in advance but are often ready in less time.
  • For further information, or to order flutes, kindly contact Martin Doyle »

Flute Cases

The robust synthetic case that comes with a Martin Doyle flute.

Martin Doyle flutes come in a robust synthetic case that is included in the price – as per the image above. Also included is a makers certificate, wooden flute care instructions, a wooden cleaning rod and a tube of cork grease – and Martin Doyle's personal guarantee of satisfaction. At an additional cost, Martin also offers wooden or leather flute cases that can be viewed here: Flute Cases »

Testimonials to Martin Doyle's Flutes

Read testimonial comments from people who play Martin Doyle flutes here: Testimonials »

Music Stores That Stock Martin Doyle Flutes

These retailers offer the opportunity for potential buyers to purchase a Martin Doyle flute without a waiting period.