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    Martin Doyle is an Irish flute maker whose simple system wooden flutes are renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone.  Flutes and Prices »

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    “My first introduction to instrument making was as a young child. My father would make whistles from the bark of the sycamore tree.”  About Martin Doyle »

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    Born in Dublin and raised in Bray, County Wicklow, Martin Doyle now lives in the rural west of Ireland near Liscannor in the County Clare.  Contact »

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    Testimonials and kind comments from people who play Martin Doyle's flutes.  Testimonials »

  • Martin Doyle wins RDS National Craft Award

    RDS National Craft Award

    Martin Doyle received the Royal Dublin Society's National Craft Award (Musical Instruments category) in July 2011 – his third such award since he began making flutes in 1983.  Craftmanship Awards »

  • Cocus wood nine key flute

    See The Flutes

    A gallery of photographs representing some of the wooden flutes that Martin Doyle has made over the years and also some of the events and activities that he has been involved with.  Photo Gallery »

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    Listen to samples of Martin Doyle and other musicians playing a broad variety of music on Martin Doyle flutes.  Flute Music »

  • About Irish Flutes

    About Irish Flutes

    Martin Doyle handcrafts keyed and keyless simple system wooden flutes that are commonly referred to as 'Irish Flutes'.  About Irish Flutes »

  • Martin Doyle in Tanzania

    African Blackwood Conservation

    In 2009 Martin Doyle visited Tanzania to participate in the making of the radio documentary 'The Music Tree'. During that trip he witnessed first hand the efforts being made to ethically grow, harvest and manage African Blackwood.  African Blackwood Conservation »

  • Baroque Flutes

    Baroque Flutes

    Martin Doyle produces Baroque flutes that are modeled on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh flute design.  Baroque Flutes »

  • Wooden Headjoints for Concert Flutes

    Wooden Headjoints

    Martin Doyle also produces thin-wall wooden headjoints for concert flutes – the example featured here is made from cocus wood and sterling silver.  Wooden Headjoints for Concert Flutes »

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    Flute Information

    The pages in this section of the website provide information relating to the simple system wooden flutes such as those made by Martin Doyle.
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    News, articles and updates relating to the Irish flute maker Martin Doyle. News – Martin Doyle Flutes »

Martin Doyle – Irish Flute Maker

About Martin Doyle »
Since 1983 Martin Doyle has been producing high quality simple system wooden flutes, commonly known as Irish flutes, that are predominantly used in the Irish and Scottish music traditions. Martin Doyle's flutes, both with and without tuning slides and keys, have become renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone, which makes them well suited to both beginner and professional players alike. Martin Doyle also hand crafts wooden baroque flutes that are based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh design, and wooden headjoints for concert flutes.
Martin Doyle's 40th Anniversary | 1983—2023

2023 marks the 40th Anniversary of Martin Doyle Flutes

“I have been reminded that I am forty years making flutes this year. At times like this, it comes to mind that there is a large number of people to thank for their help along the way – a steady stream of friends, teachers and customers who have offered their ideas, inspiration and encouragement. I would like to mention them all but they are so numerous that it would be impossible. If I started now and wrote for a month, I would probably still leave some important people out.

So ... I will settle for offering my gratitude to all those who have supported me down through the years and say that it has been an honour to be of service to the vast world of music and the harmony that it creates. Thank you all so much!” — Martin Doyle.

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Audio file of the month – musicians playing Martin Doyle flutes.

Martin Doyle recorded these tunes on a keyless C flutes using cross-fingering to obtain flats and sharps. The tunes are The Blue Hills of Antrim/Maureen Hegarty and The Blue Hills of Antrim lyrics..

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